CAMERON™ MC-III™ Panel Mount Flow Analyzer

The NuFloTM MC-III Mount Flow Analyzer from Cameron offers liquid and gas measurement with data logging and Modbus ® communication in an easy-to-use totalizer with a conventional 1/4-DIN installation. The NUFLO MC-III Panel Mount is connected to a preamplifier or a turbine meter.

CAMERON™ MC-III™ Panel Mount Flow Analyzer Specifications

Users can pick a pulse generator or an enhanced flow meter rate input from a 4 to 20 mA input which enables distant devices to calculate fluid levels and quantity. Calibrating the NUFLO MC-III panel mount is as simple as joining the stream meter calibration variable and choosing the required units of evaluation. The tool calculates its own divider automatically. Using the MC-III interface software, when the instrument is paired with a gas flow meter, the user enters the meter calibration factor, pressure and temperature parameters and FPV. The broad range of complete and frequency device choices provides customers the ability to customize screen, inputs and outputs to particular requirements. Based on a turbine flow meter entry signal, the MC-III Panel Mount calculates and shows instantaneous stream prices and acquired amounts.

The microprocessor circuitry of the MC-III counts the pulses generated by a companion flow meter, converts the data according to calibration settings into volume and rate values, and displays the total data on a two-line liquid crystal display (LCD). The top reading of eight digits shows complete quantity of fluid; the upper reading of six digits shows flow rate. Totals are saved to non-volatile memory by pressing a single key, minimizing the risk of data loss even if there is a power outage. The MC-III interface software, developed within the popular Windows environment, is an easy and user-friendly application that offers links to all checks to set up and operate the tool. The software adapts the checks to the requirements of the user.