CAMERON™ MC-II™ Flow Analyzer

NUFLO™ MC II™  Flow Analyzer from Cameron provides distinct, constant digital flow rate displays and accumulated flow based on NUFLO or BARTON ® liquid or gas turbine flow meter input.The small present consumption of its liquid crystal displays and CMOS micro-processor-based circuitry allow years of reliable results from a single lithium battery lives.

CAMERON™ MC-II™ Flow Analyzer Specifications

Totalizer readings in any desired volumetric units can be made and flow rates can be measured in units per second, minute, hour or day. Rate and sum are calibrated rapidly and readily using the MC-II front keyboard. The tool is appropriate for indoor assembly and does not require any extra climate security. The device can be installed or independently connected straight to the turbine meter. The device can be installed or independently connected straight to the turbine meter. The NuFlo MC-II Flow Analyzer pairs with a turbine flowmeter to provide precise representation of acquired stream quantity and liquid and gas flow rate in a battery-powered tool that is simple to use. The microprocessor circuitry of the MC-II counts the pulses generated by a companion flowmeter, converts the data.

This is done according to calibration settings into volume and rate values, and displays the total data on two six-digit liquid crystal displays (LCDs). The upper LCD shows complete quantity of fluid; the upper LCD shows the flow rate. The MC-II does not have any inner adjustment potentiometers, jumpers, or dip switches. For applications relying on standard engineering units, the MC-II calculates the divisor automatically when you provide the companion flowmeter calibration factor. With the simplistic layout of the MC-II, you can save amounts in non-volatile memory by pressing a key on the keypad or restart the complete display. A safety function for password protection deters unlawful staff from changing the calibration or accumulating volume data in the tool. Using the keypad, the safety feature can be activated or disabled.