CAMERON NUFLO Liquid Turbine Meters

NUFLO turbine stream meters show the flow rate and evaluate a liquid line’s complete flow rate. The rotor moves at a velocity that is immediately equal to the flow rate as liquid passes through the meter and over the rotor. The rotor propellers are sensed by a magnetic pickup as they move and generate an electrical (sine wave) message.

CAMERON NUFLO Liquid Turbine Meter Specifications

Then these electrical pulses are transferred to the read-out device for flow measurement. Cameron provides two meter grades to meet different demands for linearity. The standard grade meter for apps needing precision of 1 percent or less is a cost-effective option. An agricultural grade meter can be used for greater precision. If the anticipated stream spectrum is indicated, greater precision can be accomplished. Selection of the flow meter dimensions should be focused on the instant flow rate of the row where the meter is installed and the pressure drop of the meter. Meter quality should never be measured on the installation’s nominal piping volume. For the choice of meter length, see the linear fluid spectrum graph and the pressure drop curve chart.

The meter will stay precise at stream prices greater than its score, but overranging a meter over lengthy stretches of time may trigger unnecessary strain and fall in stress and shorten the meter’s life span. For brief phases without harm, NUFLO stream meters can be over-ranged by 10 percent. In both raised-face (RF) and ring-type joint (RTJ) designs, turbine stream meters with flanged bottom links are accessible. Flanged NUFLO meters are made of carbon steel or slip-on flanges made of stainless steel or made of a single block of stainless steel. To guarantee that the flange never gets into life with the method fluid, slip-on flanges are welded to the outside of the meter. A cost-effective solution to typical flanged meters is the EZ-IN turbine flow meter sequence. They provide precision, robust design, and maintenance-free implementation of standard NUFLO stream meters.